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The activities listed below have been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the provinces of Groningen, Fryslân and Drenthe.

Thoes Offers Perspective And Information

Thoes offers perspective and information

“My property has also sustained damage. However, repair works were rejected because I live in Muntendam; just outside the earthquake area.” We speak with Peter Westra from QuakeShield, main sponsor of Thoes. “It is only visual damage in my case, but I can imagine that people feel unsafe in a property with actual damage. This is why I hope we will be able to offer a bit of perspective with our participation in Thoes and provide information on the actual possibilities. With QuakeShield – a lightweight solution for the reinforcement of buildings – we try to communicate, in a way that is as accessible and as open as possible, what we can add to a property. And we are committed to acting on this. It is difficult to deal with the uncertainties surrounding reinforcement, and this also applies to us as a company. However, this does not keep us from conducting ongoing research and continuing to develop.”

From think tank to safe living
In 2012, the Groningen-based companies Koninklijke Oosterhof Holman and SealteQ saw the necessity to buckle down and come up with a solution to the quake issue themselves. “Oosterhof Holman is a family business that started 106 years ago, and it is anchored in the region as such. Many of our staff live in the middle of Groningen”, says Peter. “What started as a think tank with Groningen-based businesses and knowledge institutions such as the Hanze University of Applied Sciences ultimately developed into a Groningen invention that enables people to live safely, which is validated by the technical universities in Eindhoven and Delft. We believe it is a great thing that we were able to make the connection with BuildinG by sharing knowledge and housing our test equipment there, which ensures the knowledge remains anchored in the region.”

QuakeShield at Thoes
Not only is QuakeShield present at BuildinG during the Thoes event – where demonstrations with test equipment are carried out, among other events – but also in Loppersum. We will arrange tours at Wirdumerweg 16 there, where an old school is turned into a pilot area for reinforcement options. This offers visitors the opportunity to explore a wide range options and to obtain information on the options. View the programme here.

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