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The activities listed below have been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the provinces of Groningen, Fryslân and Drenthe.

Who are we?

QuakeShield emerged from a strong regional commitment and the ambition to create an innovative product, developed by the Groningen-based businesses SealteQ and Koninklijke Oosterhof Holman.

Taking the initiative
When the issue of earthquakes started taking on serious proportions in 2012, we could either wait for a solution or start working on one ourselves. We decided to develop a product for the preventative reinforcement of structures. Because we believe in sharing knowledge and in cooperation, we launched an investigation with professor Jan Rots – Professor of Structural Mechanics for Buildings at TU Delft. Our PhD student has looked for suitable test equipment in Europe, but as this was not available to us in the Netherlands, we developed and built it independently under the supervision of TU Delft and Eindhoven. The test equipment has now been transferred to the test hall of BuildinG, the knowledge and innovation centre for futureproof construction and infrastructure. This way, the knowledge gained during the development of QuakeShield remains anchored in the region and in regional education, and will be able to continue to share knowledge. In addition, it enables us to continue to develop the cooperation with SMEs in Groningen.

And now
QuakeShield has carried out tens of project in the Groningen area in the meantime. The product is ready for the market and is available to offer you a safe home.

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